Cornish Wildflowers : Lighting up North Cornwall in August

There’s a new crop of Cornish wildflowers springing to life in August. The seed heads of wild carrot – Daucus carota are truly beautiful. The flowers gradually fold inwards after flowering creating a tightly woven birds-nest effect. This plant is a cousin... read more

Perennials and grassses in the Library

The perennial library at Avondale Nursery has finally helped me decide what approach to take in my new garden. Torn between a passion for perennial meadows, and a need to have as many different plants as I can within a limited space, I have decided that what I really... read more

Cornish Wildflowers: Early June’s star plants

In early June there is a stunning array of Cornish wildflowers to be found on the Camel Trail near Padstow.  At Sunny Point on Little Petherick Creek I was surprised by this very fine creamy rose. I believe it’s a field rose (Rosa arvensis).   It’s very floriferous... read more

Cornish Wildflowers : mid-May

Cornish Wildflowers: It’s mid-May, and Cow Parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris) is lining the Camel Trail. These beautiful pink Southern Marsh Orchids are popping up everywhere and the brilliant yellow Hawksbeard is making a stunning combination with purple grass... read more

Cornish Wildflowers: Late April

Cornish wildflowers – Its Late April and the North Cornish coast seems to be dusted with wildflower snow.  The Camel Trail and Dennis hill are covered with the snowy white blossom of the Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa).  By autumn these white flowers will turn into... read more

SGD Award Win

I was delighted to be chosen as a finalist for this award.  To be made a winner was the icing on the cake.  Very exciting to be part of the awards dinner and to have my photo taken alongside such notable winners such as Dan Pearson. Judges described the entry as... read more

Gibbons Rent

Whilst up in London to attend the SGD Awards I made a trip to the South Bank to visit several iconic public spaces and check out how they were faring on a miserable day in January.  Only having seen pictures of Gibbons rent designed by Andrew Burns and Sarah Eberle, I... read more

More London

Over the last year few years I have taken a great amount of inspiration from London public spaces such as More London by Foster and Partners.  I couldn’t resist a look around them even on a wet day in January.    ... read more